Here you can download different demonstration programs. Each demonstration represents one part of small project created with the SimplyCube.

The goal of these demonstrations is to complete the existing tutorials, and better explain how the SimplyCube can be used to create a complete 3D application.

The first beta period of the SimplyCube is now over, thank you for your interest in our product and for your feedback. We are now focusing on the final version of the product which should be out rapidly. You can keep track of our development by following our blog and subscribing to our newsletter.

If you have questions, or if you need a pre release version of the SimplyCube for a commercial project please contact us at

UAV Simulation Pack

The Drone Simulation Pack is a set pre configured tools to create an UAV simulation, with a sample program.

Concretely, it contains three ready-to-use UAV samples and all the things you need to easily create your own one. You will also find fly controllers such as one using keyboard and a another allowing you to see your drone flying through the environment by following pre-defined points.

Nano Concept

The Nano Concept project is a game where a small robot navigates through a blood vessel. The robot must avoid healthy cells (red cells, lymphocytes) and destroy viruses. This little game could then easily be transformed into an educational serious game.

You will learn throughout this series of demonstrations how to create your objects, add effects on them, set up the environment and add the game mechanics.