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It’s been way too long since we haven’t updated this blog, but the last months have been kept very busy both by our work on the SimplyCube (which is now technically ready) and some important evolution of the company… We are happy to announce that SimplySim is now becoming a subsidiary of the Optis group.

Optis is a French software editor that specializes on the scientific simulation of light and human vision within virtual reality environment. Its solutions allow designers, ergonomists and engineers to simulate and optimize lighting performance, product appearance as well as the visibility and legibility of information on Human Machine Interfaces, in a fully-immersive environment. With more than 20 years of experience, and more than 1600 customers in 36 countries worldwide and in many industries (automotive, aerospace, electronics, defense…), Optis is a leader in physically correct simulations.

This buy-out makes sense for us for many reasons, first and foremost the technological complementarities. Realism in 3D simulation has been the core of our R&D since the creation of SimplySim, and the basis of the SimplyCube. The physically correct approach developed by Optis for their light simulations was therefore a key point of interest for us. The fact that they have been investing over the past four years in real time 3D versions of their technologies made the link between our innovations even more attractive.

Of course Optis also brings us its stability and its experience as a software editor; this will help us to launch the SimplyCube in the best conditions available. This is also the result of a meeting, when we met Jacques Delacour (CEO and president of Optis) we realized that we shared not only a common history as entrepreneurs but also the same vision for the development of our industry and the same projects for our companies.

This buy out is a very promising opportunity. We’ve already started to integrate our technologies, and the first results were visible last week at the Laval Virtual (we’ll post some video of that soon). We have many projects for the innovations that will come from the meeting our technologies and we will announce some of it in the coming months. Of course this means we’ll continue to develop products and services around the SimplyCube platform. So stay tuned to this blog, where we will continue to announce and showcase our innovations.

Read the full official press release here.

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