First in the name of everyone at SimplySim, I’d like to wish you a happy new year. In 2011 we wish you success and happiness in your professional and personal life.

Today we introduce a new innovation of the SimplyCube: a Kinect controller. The SimplyCube enables you to rapidly and easily create your 3D application, and now you can add a Kinect controller. This new controller enables you to directly control your application with gestures.

The first two prototypes we’re showing in the video above represent only a first preview of the possibilities offered by this technology. From product presentation applications to motion capture, medical applications, education, simulations, or serious games… the possibilities of application are only limited by our imagination.

Stay tuned to our blog, twitter and YouTube channel to discover other innovations in 2011.

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2 Comments to “SimplyCube + Kinect = Endless Possibilites”

  1. George Peter says:

    Simplycube + kinect is fantastic . When wil this be availble in the simplycube for us to play around?

  2. Mercier Julien says:

    Very nice !
    Hope i could try this with the SimplyCube soon :)

    See you soon guys !

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